CErtifi™ Suite’s flagship technology is CERES.

When your business requires certain functions to be performed in their proper sequence, by the right people, and within certain criteria—the solution needed is CERES (CErtifi™ Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures).

CERES Suite software enables gas fill plants to track FDA records for prefilling, filling, training, documents and distribution control documents by the customer.

If you are subject to government compliance regulations, CERES provides a tamper-proof way to show, through time-stamped digital records, that all policies and procedures have been met. From raw material to lot number, to expiration dates, to final production and delivery status, every step can be prioritized and managed locally or remotely. CERES empowers your company to experience labor savings by using biometrics, barcodes and staging processes regardless of your business type or size.

Are you ready for an Audit?

With CERES, your company is always audit-ready at the click of a few buttons. Easily show an inspector all product reports, distribution and fulfillment data, employees’ status, certifications and completed training.
Staying compliant has never been so simple.


Empower your business to be more efficient and productive by avoiding fines, bad grades, wasted time and lost information because all data is managed and stored digitally on CERES.

Using biometric fingerprint technology for authentication, CERES features a built-in training and testing module that will prevent an employee with expired training from authorizing a process requiring certification.

CERES Features

  • Automated, user-friendly lot number creation and tracking
  • Seamless process and built-in validation for pre-fill inspection, filling and post-fill
  • Tracking for distribution control documents including DOY hazmat manifests, timeclock and training
  • Automated alerts sent to supervisors and QCU for required e-signatures
  • Best practice industry SOPs
  • Cylinder maintenance including quarantine processes
  • Automated distribution and delivery ticket preparation
  • Instant (and mock) recalls for testing or in the event of an issue (with restricted approvals)
  • Production, testing, calibration, maintenance and inspection records
  • Personnel qualification and employee notifications
  • Biometric time management system, if desired
Controlled Efficiencies CERES