Founded in 2016, Controlled Efficiencies, LLC (CE) offers innovative solutions that simplify the intricacies of compliance, specifically designed for government-regulated industries including the production of raw materials, tracking goods and services, training and compliance metrics and reviews.

Our leadership has roots in compliance-driven industries and collectively brings 40+ years of experience dealing with the FDA, DOT and the Board of Pharmacy for several states. The founders of CE also own a medical gas manufacturing and cylinder recertification company. Compliance was one of the largest liabilities and stresses for this company. In 2009, we began developing and testing a technology program to resolve these concerns.

Through biometrics and paperless methodologies, this program provided a definitive system to know who exactly is clocking in/out, is in training or needs training, performing the job or approving the work. By using electronic records and eliminating human error, this program saved our team more than 18% on our payroll.

After seven years of mastering this robust program, CE is now offering CErtifi Suite to businesses in need of a better compliance solution. CErtifi Suite will improve and strengthen your bottom line, and increase the ability to compete in today’s marketplace. Your team will have more time and money to focus on business growth.