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We offer a Software Solution that replaces the hand written paperwork for FDA Production Records. On our system, everything becomes electronic records with several benefits. This includes biometric fingerprint identification for your employees, data availability at any given moment and less liability because of the safety checks we have in place.

Our Software Options


This version of our system handles only the FDA Records. This includes a check for updated training, biometric fingerprint verification and a required two person review for all production records. You also get the capability to utilize Auditing Reports


This version of our system includes the Core plus Distribution and ability for you to perform Mock Recalls for your FDA Records. This is also the version used when integrating with other Software Platforms such as TIMS

Who We Are

The founder of Controlled Efficiencies, LLC owned a medical gas manufacturing and cylinder recertification company. With this, one of the largest liabilities was compliance. In 2009, development of a software program started in order to resolve these concerns. Through biometrics and electronic records, this program provided a system that eliminated all of the worry. By using electronic records and eliminating human error, this program saved our team more than 18% on payroll.

After seven years of mastering this robust program, CE is now offering the CERES System to businesses in need of a better compliance solution. CERES will improve and strengthen your bottom line and increase the ability to compete in today's marketplace. Your team will have more time and money to focus on business growth. With 50+ years of experience with the FDA, DOT and Board of Pharmacy, Controlled Efficiencies, LLC offers innovative solutions for compliance.