CErtifi™ Training

Our technology allows you to create, administer and view employee training.

Utilizing biometric fingerprint technology, our system validates employee IDs when administering training exams. It tracks required certifications and comprehensive training status of your entire workforce. CErtifi Training helps eliminate the stress and labor-intensive paper trail of documenting the training process while reducing human error by entering data once, then letting the system manage.

Plus, at-a-glance reporting provides a real-time view of your organization’s status, whether single or multiple locations, saving you time and money. CErtifi Training is a versatile platform available to meet the needs of your business, regardless of size.

Are you ready for an Audit?

With CErtifi™ Training, your company is always audit-ready at the click of a few buttons. Easily show an inspector all employees’ status, certifications and completed training. Staying compliant has never been so simple.


Empower your business to be more efficient and productive by avoiding fines, bad grades, wasted time and lost information because all data is managed and stored digitally on CErtifi Training.

Using biometrics for authentication, our system monitors staff training expiration dates and probation periods associated with any training required to keep your organization current and complaint.

Easily track workforce training status, allowing management and HR to focus on other business priorities.

CErtifi™ Training Features

  • Automated, user-friendly profile creation and tracking
  • Create custom training programs and any special circumstances needed to qualify
  • Seamless process and built-in validation for training programs with automated SMS text or email alerts for expiration dates
  • Automated alerts sent to supervisors for required e-signatures
  • Easily create or modify employee data or training programs
  • Personnel qualification, employee notifications and certification requirements
  • Biometric time management system, if desired
CErtifi Training