CErtifi™ Tracking

CErtifi Tracking utilizes biometric fingerprint technology to track required certifications and training of your workforce.

The system provides a definitive method to know who exactly is clocking in/out, is in training or needs training, performing the job or approving the work. This reliable technology enables you to manage your workforce’s critical training dates.

Empower your business to be more efficient and productive by avoiding fines, bad grades, wasted time and lost information because all data is managed and stored digitally on CErtifi Tracking.

Are you ready for an Audit?

With CErtifi™ Tracking, your company is always audit-ready at the click of a few buttons. Easily show an inspector all employees’ status, certifications, reports and completed training. Staying compliant has never been so simple.


CErtifi Tracking’s modular design allows it to be utilized as a local, stand-alone unit or in multi-station environments using shared file services.

Our software allows you to monitor the expiration dates and probation (grace) periods associated with any training a company or group may need to keep current. Within the date ranges that you select, the system will notify via text message and/or email, any person or group of individuals with a “need-to-know” that training is expiring soon or
has expired.

Along with notifications, our technology also validates the individual’s fingerprints and any associated legal documentation. Training and certification documents are tracked and can be accessed or printed at clock-in/clock-out time or on-demand.

CErtifi Tracking