CErtifi™ TimeClock

CErtifi TimeClock utilizes biometric fingerprint technology to track time and manage scheduling of your workforce.

The system provides a definitive method to know who exactly is clocking in/out, is taking PTO or is absent. Plus, with CErtifi TimeClock you can easily designate company holidays or events with a few clicks—automatically updating company-wide schedules, as well as easily pull at-a-glance reports for employee historical data to view, share or export.

Our software allows you to monitor employee scheduling, time tracking and payroll reporting across multiple devices. Managers can customize scheduling and reports, quickly and securely via Desktop, SQL Server or Cloud-based applications.

Is your workforce time management on par with the Department of Labor?

With CErtifi™ TimeClock, your company is always DOL-ready at the click of a few buttons. Easily show inspectors company-wide timeclock status or individual employee data, sharing real-time or historical reports. Staying compliant has never been so simple.


Empower your business to be more efficient and productive by avoiding fines, bad grades, wasted time and lost information because all data is managed and stored digitally by CErtifi TimeClock.

Along with dynamic reporting, our technology also validates the individual’s fingerprint and stores associated information including employee classification, status, ID, DOE and employment location.

CErtifi TimeClock’s modular design allows it to be utilized as a local, stand-alone application or in multi-station environments using shared file services.

CErtifi TimeClock